Better security, together

In an era where cyber threats evolve in a forever expanding threat landscape, collaborating to stay ahead in cybersecurity is not just an option—it's a necessity. Enter CyberProof and Google Cloud, joining forces to provide Better Security, Together—by supporting security operations (SecOps) centered around threat remediation automation, cost reduction, and the effective use of Generative AI. 

Here are just a few examples of how our clients benefit from the joint capabilities of CyberProof and Google Cloud’s Chronicle security operations: 

Enhanced threat intelligence 

CyberProof obtains targeted, actionable insights from Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) analysts on threat exposure across the clear, deep and dark web, so our clients can anticipate and react to the changing threat landscape. CyberProof’s team leverages solutions used in Google Chronicle’s platform including Mandiant, VirusTotal and more to allow CTI analysts to view these insights on one unified dashboard. 

Improved Mean Time to Detect and Mean Time to Respond 

Google Chronicle’s orchestration and automation capabilities support faster detection and response, shifting the time frame from days to minutes – by combining low-code automation with powerful collaboration. 

Log collection 

CyberProof helps clients onboard security and event logs that align to prioritize threat scenarios and business risks. We leverage Google Chronicle’s Hot Data capabilities to identify business-critical data across extended time periods, enriching our security recommendations. CyberProof filters and tags logs before they are ingested into the Security Analytics platform for optimized threat detection. 

Threat hunting 

CyberProof proactively detects and isolates advanced threats that escape security solutions, with a dedicated Threat Hunting team. We utilize Google Cloud’s BigQuery to analyze data using machine learning, geospatial analysis, and business intelligence that better contextualize where threat actors may target an organization. 

Adaptive Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) 

CyberProof’s Adaptive Managed XDR service provides powerful detection, containment, and response capabilities to prevent increasingly sophisticated attacks by leveraging AI, machine learning, and automations. Delivered as a cloud-first, modular service, MXDR can be implemented timely, helping you to reduce the response window. We leverage the Google Cloud Security AI Workbench, a security-specific large language model (LLM), providing visibility into the cyber threat landscape.

Use Case Management (UCM) 

CyberProof helps clients continuously identify and fill threat detection and response gaps in line with the MITRE ATT&CK framework. We utilize both Google’s off-the-shelf use cases and CyberProof’s customized use cases. 

Orchestration and automation 

CyberProof increases the speed of detection and response through alert enrichment and by leveraging AI and machine learning. CyberProof’s team utilizes Google capabilities to increase threat remediation automation from 40 percent to up to 80 percent.

The strategic partnership of CyberProof and Google is about breaking down silos and delivering a seamless, end-to-end service experience.  

Bottom line: The power of partnership 

The strategic partnership of CyberProof and Google is about breaking down silos and delivering a seamless, end-to-end service experience.  

Our joint capabilities have helped clients obtain: 

  • Future-ready, cloud-native threat detection and response infrastructure 
  • Over 98% increased threat detection coverage across on-prem., cloud, and SaaS 
  • Cost savings across technology licensing and security operations, annually 
  • Use cases that enable cyber readiness and continuous business outcomes 
  • Tailored reports and dashboards providing visibility to senior stakeholders 

From legacy, on-prem. Security architectures to cloud—CyberProof’s expertise, combined with Google Cloud’s capabilities, support your enterprise in establishing and maintaining a future-ready, cloud-first security architecture. Our partnership supports the business needs of enterprise organizations with cybersecurity that is not just reactive but proactive, predictive, and, most importantly, aligned with the ever-evolving threat landscape. 

Want to learn more about how CyberProof and Google can improve your organization’s cyber readiness? Speak with an expert.