It’s time to be “Frank” about cybersecurity

What do hackers and security vendors have in common? 

“Next gen!” “Zero trust!” “Kill chain!” “Your people are your weakest link!” “Don’t let hackers play games with your data!” 

We all know that hackers use shock tactics to scare their victims. But security vendors also use shock tactics and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) while promoting their solutions to try and get a reaction from their audience. 

But even though these buzzwords and fluffy, glittery marketing phrases are not meant to mirror the ill intentions of hackers, frankly speaking – they annoy security professionals. Because these words and phrases don’t even come close to explaining what a cybersecurity solution does or how it helps. 

And that’s exactly what we’re putting the spotlight on with our latest campaign: “Let’s be frank.” 

Taking a stand – and inviting the industry to do the same 

At CyberProof, we’re taking a stand and are calling on the cybersecurity industry as a whole to start having more “frank” – more open, honest, and transparent – conversations about the state of cybersecurity, and of current and future security needs. 

The “Let’s be frank” campaign pulls back the curtain on the most common frustrations of CISOs and security professionals as they try to navigate the vast world of security solutions, and champions the value of vendors and professionals being honest and open with each other. 

“Frank” conversations for all 

In line with the campaign, we’re following through on our word and are extending an open invitation to security professionals everywhere to book a “frank” conversation with a security expert (who may or may not actually be named “Frank”) from our team. 

Not a sales or marketing rep – you’ll speak with someone who is an actual expert in the topic you’d like to discuss.  

So if you’ve got something on your mind – whether that’s SOC operations, threat hunting, managed MDR, or anything else – we invite you to have a friendly, open, “frank” conversation on what you want to talk about. 

No pitches. No buzzwords. And absolutely no pressure. 

Click here to learn more about our “Let’s be frank” campaign and to book a “frank” conversation with a security expert.