Why It’s Great to Work for an MDR Provider

Curious what it’s like to work for an advanced Managed Detection & Response cybersecurity company like CyberProof?

Here’s some of what our global team has to say about why they love working in the cybersecurity industry in general, and at CyberProof in particular. If this interests you – we’re hiring, and we’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to learn more about our open positions, check out our Careers page.

 We’re hiring, and we’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to learn more about our open positions, check out our Careers page.

In the US….

“Never a dull day! CyberProof has great people, great ideas and is always willing to support!” – Karthik Viswanathan, Practice Lead – Application Security Services

Part of the team in Germany…

“It’s a fast-changing and very complex field, where the real heroes are inconspicuous nerds preventing serious crimes and attacks!” – Chris Schrauf, CyberProof Solution Architect

In the Kerala, India office…

“The vastness of cyber security excites me, and I like learning new things every day. In addition, I find that at CyberProof, from the top to the bottom, everyone at has a helping mentality – we all help each other out.” – Kithu Shajil, SOC Analyst

In the Madrid Office…

“What I like most about my job is the fact that I need to come up with ideas and build algorithms. I love that! It’s why I studied mathematics. I enjoy the field of cybersecurity – and I like the fact that CyberProof is an international company.” – Carmen Gómez Serván, SIEM Developer and Security Analyst at CyberProof’s Madrid office

In the UK…

“What interests me most is that we are working to safeguard many things that should not fall into the wrong hands. That’s the most important part of it, the source of meaning in the work. But I also enjoy being part of a team that takes care of customers – and our customers’ customers. It’s not just a job; I view it as more of a service.” – Suraj Radhakrishnan, Customer Success Manager in Leeds, in the UK

In the Tel Aviv, Israel Office…

“The longer I work here the more I realize how exposed we are, and how exposed we make ourselves through the information we share on the internet. It feels like it is crazy, how much information we provide without being aware of what it can be used for. One aspect of cybersecurity that I particularly like is that even though I’ve been here for almost a year, I find that this is a field in which I am constantly learning something new.” – Noam Pilo, SIEM Specialist at CyberProof’s Tel Aviv office

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